Fabien Galle

Fabien Galle plans the events and organizes their artistic program : Selection of the artists, elaboration of contracts, synopsis, technical coordination, sound and light control etc. With respect to their artistic work Fabien supports equestrians in their search for the best artistic expression. He trains number of horse show personalities and participates regularly to the elaboration of new performances, intervening in the conception, but also operating back stage during the performances.

Being an Equestrian and voltigeur, Fabien Galle has practised classical dressage - « haute école », vaquera, free training, harness driving etc. His large experience serves the event planners, especially for artistic and technical control of equestrian creations.


The society Equi’Créa is accompagnying event planners- trade fairs, féria, festivals, reception for compagnies – in creating space for moderation and shows. Owing a hugh experience particularly in the equestrian world, we are attached to promote the work of the artists with respect to animal welfare. Technical and artistical competencies of Equi’créa support the development of your event.

Soustain your organisation

Equi’Créa imagines and realizes events conceived in order to respond to your need of animation, development or mediation. We are also able to identify potentiel axes of progression and to study their feasability. From elaboration of action plans to activity bilances we assure technical or artistical assistance as well as logistics.

Sharing our values

We are highly attached to reveal the magic of a living show with respect to human and animal welfare. Each production is an expression of originality, sensitivity and the unique character of an artistic creation. We share these values with a great number of horse show professionnals.

Reveal talents

The history of Equi’Créa is ponctuated by artistic revelations and trusted collaboration work. We have accompagnied the evolution of number of artists. The staff, guided by Fabien and Maurice Galle coaches professional and passionated horse-show riders. The FFE (Fédération française d’Equitation) and IFCE (Haras Nationaux) entrusted us with missions to promote their horse events.