Equestrian activities

Event organisation

The society Equi’crea, founded in 1990, offers a 24-years experience in the world of Equestrian events and places itself in the center of a unique professional network of Equestrians (artists, breeders, clubs, institutions, …). Its specialized knowledge of the equestrian disciplines, the new tendencies, or the sanitary and veterinary reglementation of horse events renders Equi’créa an expert partner for managing every kind of equestrian meetings.

Since 2008, Equicréa uses its expertise in the service of French Equestrian Federation (Fédration Française d’Equitation) and participates to Event commissions.

Since 2006, the society intervenes on the demand of the National state studs (Haras nationaux) in the selection of Equestrian artists for artist residences at the stud sites (Haras ud Pin, Pompadour, Cluny, Rodez).


The material is custom-made. Color of leather, curls… are chosen by clients.

Saddle models : Dressage, Portugaise, Espagnole Vaquera, Média, Selle à Piquer, Voltige, Amazone, Camargue.

Also all "accessoires et harnachements" nécessaires en équitation (brides, harnais d'attelage, surfaix, enrênements, sangles, croupières, étrivières, tapis, peaux de mouton, harnais de cirque, caveçons…).

For prices, preliminary estimates please contact us.

Plan and activity of the animal spaces

Location and implementation of the material for animal expositions : volière, ovin fences, barrier for equids and bovins, ombrages security barriers…